Adoption Follow-Up Services at the Humane Society of Delaware County

The Humane Society of Delaware County is devoted to providing love and care to every animal available for adoption. To stay up to date on when kittens will be available, follow their Facebook and Instagram accounts or text them at 610-566-4575. The Federal Pet Theft Act requires a five-day waiting period at shelters before selling a pet to a retailer. In addition, the shelter must provide the receiving research center with a certificate confirming that the animal has been held for at least five days; without this certificate, the research center cannot accept the animal. It is also necessary to make reasonable efforts to locate the owner, such as putting up signs around the area where the animal was found and informing local animal shelters.

If an animal has a clear license (for example, wearing a collar with tags), it is considered the property of a specific person, and the shelter must do everything possible to contact that person to let them know that the shelter has the animal. The length of time an animal must stay in a shelter before adoption or disposal depends on state laws. In California, animals must stay in a shelter for six days, not including the day the animal was found. Shelters may also choose to euthanize or, in limited circumstances, sell it for research purposes. If an owner brings an animal, the shelter must keep it for a period of time established by law before adopting or otherwise disposing of it. Shelters have reasons to investigate an animal if cases of abuse or neglect are reported, or if the animal is found to be running loose or abandoned in a public place.

The owner can donate an animal to an animal shelter, which involves the immediate transfer of ownership of the shelter if the owner demonstrates his intention to transfer it. Once the shelter obtains title to the animal, they can do with it as they see fit and the courts will uphold their decision as long as they comply with state law.

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