Pet Boarding Services at the Delaware Pet Palace: A Comprehensive Guide

The Delaware Pet Palace, located just off Gooding Boulevard, is the ideal destination for pet owners in the northern suburbs of Columbus, Ohio who are seeking quality pet boarding services. Whether you need a one-time visit or an extended stay, the Pet Palace will provide your furry friend with the love and care they deserve. The only restriction is that they do not accept pets that are not at home. The Pet Palace is a comprehensive pet boarding, dog daycare, and cat grooming complex.

They are devoted to ensuring the survival of all animals that can be saved. To meet this commitment, they have implemented a range of policies to keep animals healthy and happy, as well as to ensure that animals move through the system quickly and safely. This includes comprehensive vaccination, handling, cleaning, socialization and care protocols for animals before they become ill, as well as rehabilitation measures for those who arrive sick, injured, unweaned or traumatized. The Pet Palace also offers a service to help pet owners find a loving home for their pet. They fill out a report about the loss of a pet and make every effort to ensure that the animal is taken care of.

This helps reduce killing in animal control shelters. If you're looking for a safe and loving place to board your pet in Delaware, Ohio, the Pet Palace is the perfect choice. With their commitment to animal welfare and their comprehensive policies for pet care, you can rest assured that your furry friend will be in good hands.

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